Shoot-n-Shelter 2006

lean_to.jpg (179915 bytes)

Pick a good spot... 

peter_tree.jpg (132994 bytes)

Tie up some support lines

home_away_from_home.jpg (88463 bytes)

Hang a tarp over it, and
you've got home away from home!

teepee_style.jpg (149681 bytes)

You can build the Taj MaTarp...

jeremy_style.jpg (159789 bytes)

Or a simple cover with supports 

old_indian_trick.jpg (67706 bytes)

Here's an old Indian trick...

getting_ready.jpg (109541 bytes)

We did a LOT of training

training_and_safety.jpg (83245 bytes)

Each one got a practice shot

sighting_in.jpg (59568 bytes)

Take your time, do it right...

peter.jpg (54147 bytes)

Make sure you do it with style...

matthew.jpg (92156 bytes)

And feel pride in your results!

puck_target.jpg (74351 bytes)

Right through the middle

perfect_shot.jpg (69530 bytes)

Here's a trick... shoot a card in half

Wall of Fame

And get your name on the Wall of Fame!

attack_rabbit.jpg (84273 bytes)

psst ... watch out for attack rabbits!