Wolverine Peak 2006

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The intrepid explorers!

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Alaskan wildlife!  (and a bird)

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There's no reason to carry what
you can find along the path

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Maintain hydration... there's still a lot to climb

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Nice, fat tasty blueberries.  SWEET!

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Near Point, first of many stops on the way up

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Alaskan flora and fauna

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Here we go again,
heading for Wolverine Peak now

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What's this rock doing way up here?

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Beautiful Alaskan scenery

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Another rest stop.  The boys are getting tired.

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Mothers: it's not really as scary as
it looks doing this Scouting stuff!

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Alaskan Stonehenge!

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The Top!  Sweet success!!

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Nothing tastes as good as cheese
slices on top of a mountain.

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Heading back down

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Well deserved rest!  Ignore the hat,
that's for the mosquitos...

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Packing up next morning

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