Backpacking Check List




Bedding:  Pack in stuff bag

___  Sleeping bag

___  Sleeping pad (x2 for cold weather)

___  Ground cloth (space blanket works well - light weight/compact)


Clothes:  Pack in backpack (can roll up in ziplocks)

___  Rain coat/poncho/wind breaker

___  Polar fleece jacket

___  one long sleeve shirt

___  long pants (polar fleece or wool are best - keeps dry and warm)

___  Rain pants or snow pants (if it looks like rain is likely)

___  one pair gym shorts to wear over long underwear (if itıs going to be sunny)

___  2 pair socks (synthetic or wool - no cotton)

___  one underwear

___  polypropylene long underwear (bottoms and tops)

___  boots - leather (not gym shoes, they can get wet)

___  wool/polar fleece hat

___  Gloves


Toilet Kit: (pack in a ziplock bag)

___  First Aid Kit (be sure to pack bandages and some moleskin for blisters)

___  Pocket knife

___  Compass

___  Tooth brush/tooth paste

___  Toilet paper/tissue in a ziplock bag (only as much as you need)

___  Medicine ? (aspirin,  prescription meds,  inhaler.... give to Scoutmaster)


Meal Stuff:  Pack in outer pocket of backpack

___  Personal food mug/utensils

___  1 quart water bottle of water (x2 for long hikes)


Camping Stuff:

___  Blue plastic tarp  (10'x12')

___  6 pieces of 1/4" rope 10’ long (for building your shelter)

___  3 contractor grade trash bags. Pack your backpack and sleeping bag in these to keep dry.

(Trash bags make for great raincoats in a pinch!)

___  Pocket Radio (optional)