The nature of the Boy Scouts of America and working with volunteers allows opportunities for everyone.Most adult leaders will wear more than one hat while participating with the troop; multi-tasking is not new to Scout leaders.The following is a list of formal positions and a brief description of their duties:


Committee Chair

Coordinate with Scoutmaster in preparing troop committee meeting agendas, arrange for charter review & recharter annually, work with charter organization representative & Scoutmaster.

Committee Members

Assist the Committee Chair and other positions with duties, and promote Scouter (adult scouts) retention.


Keep minutes of meetings & send out committee meeting notices, plan charter presentation.


Handle all troop funds, maintain records and supervise money-earning projects.

Outdoor Programs- Activities

Promote outdoor activities & special activities.

Advancement Records

Maintain Scout records, encourage advancement, secure badges.


Provide a spiritual tone for troop meetings and activities, provide guidance to Chaplain Aide.


Scheduling, monitoring & encouragement of adult & boy training.

Equipment Coordinator

Inventory, storage & equipment maintenance with Quartermaster.

Youth Protection Coordinator

Ensure that all adults have Youth Protection training.


Update and issue troop calendar and newsletter.

Fund Raising

Assist Treasurer and Committee with logistics and resources.

Merit Badge Counselors

Work with scouts on Merit Badges, work with Librarian to maintain Merit Badge books.

Assistant Scoutmasters (ASM)

Assigned tasks by Scoutmaster, provide two-deep leadership.

Scoutmaster (SM)

Train and guide boy leaders using methods of Scouting to achieve the aims of Scouting.Works with other responsible adults to bring Scouting to the boys.


The following is a list of the different boy positions in the troop with a brief description.It is not necessary for a boy to hold each position:

Senior Patrol Leader

Top junior leader in the troop, leads Patrol Leadersí Council, appoints other junior leaders & assigns specific responsibilities as needed.

Asst. Sr. Patrol Leader

Fills in for SPL & responsible for training & directing other troop positions.

Jr. Asst. Scoutmaster

Scout at least 16 years of age who supervises & supports Scouts as assigned.

Troop Guide

Adviser and guide to the new Scout (youngest) patrol.

Chaplain Aide

Assists in troop religious services & promotes religious programs.

Den Chief

Works with a Cub Scout den as a guide.


Teaches one or more advancement skills to troop members.


Responsible for troop supplies & equipment.


Troop secretary.


Collects & maintains troop memorabilia on current & former troop members.


Keeps troops books, pamphlets, merit badge booklets and merit badge counselor list for scouts.

Patrol Leader

Gives leadership to patrol members & represents them at patrol leadersí council.

Asst. Patrol Leader

Fills in for the patrol leader in his absence.