Troop 215

Statement of Disciplinary Policy and Procedures

Reason for Policy:Belonging to and attending Boy Scout Troop and Troop functions is a privilege and not a right.As such, certain standards of behavior are expected for boys who attend Troop functions.These standards are not arbitrarily established by this troop, but are firmly based on the Boy Scout Law.Additionally, all the adults who are associated with the Troop are volunteers who give up their own time in order to provide a quality program for the boys.Their time and that of the boys who behave themselves should not be wasted.With this in mind, the committee members of Troop 215 have developed the following disciplinary procedures:


Policy:All scouts are expected to comply with the behavior standards established by the Boy Scout Law.Failure to do so will result in disciplinary action.


Disciplinary Procedures:If a scoutís behavior, including language and attitude, is disruptive and/or disrespectful to the adult leaders, volunteers or other scouts, in violation of the Boy Scout Law, the following steps will be taken to correct the situation:


First Occurrence:A Scoutmasterís conference between the scout and the Scoutmaster will be held to discuss the deficient behavior and how the scout can be helped.


Second Occurrence:The Scoutmaster and/or Assistant Scoutmaster and a committee member will have a conference with the parents or legal guardian of the scout to discuss the disruptive behavior and to ensure that both the scout and the parents or legal guardian understand what is and is not acceptable behavior.NOTE:The scout will be suspended from attending Boy Scout functions until this conference has taken place.


Third Occurrence:If the above steps have been taken and the disruptive behavior continues, the scoutís parent or legal guardian will be required to attend all Boy Scout functions the scout attends.


Fourth Occurrence:If the above steps fail to remedy the disruptive behavior, the scout and his parents or legal guardian will be asked to find a Troop that better fits their needs.


***This agreement must be signed by the Boy Scout and his parent/guardian and returned to the next Troop meeting or function the scout attends.If the scout does not bring the signed agreement, he will have to go home***



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