Troop 215

Boy Scouts of America


Fund Raising Policy


The following is an explanation of Troop 215ís fund raising policy:


Fund raising activities engaged in by Troop 215 shall be for the sole purpose of raising funds for scout activities and expenses.No money raised shall be used for personal use in any other context.


Prior to the Troop engaging in a fund raising activity, it will be determined how the money will be allocated between the Troop General Fund and the participating scoutís activity fund. ††An example is the popcorn fundraiser in which 2 of the 3 dollars received by the Troop is put in the participating scoutís account and the remaining 1 dollar is put into the Troop General Fund.


This program has multiple purposes:


1.      To enable scouts a way in which to earn money to participate in scout activities and purchase scout uniforms.


2.      By requiring some activities be paid for by earned scout activity funds, it ensures all boys will participate in Troop fund raisers.


Because the money allocated to individual scout accounts are to be used solely for scout activities related to this Troop, should a scout leave this Troop, for any reason, his individual scout account allocation shall be forfeited and transferred to the Troop General Fund Account.The only exception to this rule is when there are brothers in the Troop.If a scout is leaving the Troop, but his brother is remaining, the two accounts may be merged into the remaining scoutís account.